Airearte - Handpainted wood fans



Airearte is run by Victoria, an painter that decided to start a new way to express her art some years ago, through hand-painted fans. The name of her brand is a word twist between aire (air) and arte (art), so you will be giving yourself some fresh air with the art made by Victoria...

Fans are one of the most recognizable fashion complements for women from Spain, thanks to the Flamenco dance and Andalusian, that took the fan and its use to a complete different level.

Nowadays, when the modern style of life has overcome so many traditions and popular ways have disappeared. But in summer time, you can still see how popular fans are in Spain, where summer can be sizzling hot, and some fresh air can save your life while sitting in a nice terrace sipping a glass of wine.

A fan by Airearte will be a great complement for your outfit in a summer day: for its usefulness in a hot day, and for the beauty of a handmade painted small piece of art.


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