Artisans and traditional arts in Spanish Blossom

We work with a diverse array of artisans along the geography of Spain and Portugal, and we are always looking for new interesting people that make beautiful products to bring them to our collection.

You can check the story of the artisans we work with right now below, as well as know a little bit more about the materials and techniques they use to make the amazing products we bring to you in Spanish Blossom.

We also bring to our collection an example of some of the products made with fine traditional arts from Spain and Portugal. They represent a part of the history and tradition of Hispania and the history of the two countries.



Ataujia - Handmade damascene jewelry

Ginelos - Fine leather products Juani Valverde - High costume jewelry

Liebe Lola - Raw leather products

Los anillos de Pequena Memole - Mixed materials jewelry Maria's - Bohemian jewelry

 Opalo - Fused glass jewelry

Per amor a l'art - Ceramic jewelry

Traditional arts - Hand embroidery and knitting

Infinitos Latidos - Ethnic inspired jewelry