Infinitos Latidos


Infinitos Latidos is the story of Isa Riquelme, a woman that as many of our artisans, one day decided to start a new path on her journey, and started to follow her creativity. The name she chose for her project, Infinitos Latidos (Infinite heartbeats), evokes her commitment to it: one heartbeat after the next one, and then one more.

One year after that leap, the quality and originality of the products of Infinitos Latidos demonstrate that she was right, and many women from the region of Murcia now wear her jewelry in a daily basis.

Her style is probably the trendiest and youngest of all the ones that we have in Spanish Blossom: her earrings or bracelets are perfect for a workday, going to the beach or just a night out with friends.

Isa's jewelry pieces are all about versatility and playfulness. Three styles in a bracelet (as in her chanluu pieces), funny yet useful eyeglasses bead threats, ethnic inspired bracelets...

Choose any of her designs and they will follow your heartbeats.


Check out her collection here