Juani Valverde - Miyuki glass jewelry



Juani Valverde is a very young artisan from Murcia that caught our attention not only for her amazing detailed bead work, but for her warm and nice personality. When we saw the high costume jewelry pieces she constructed, we could not believe that she had been doing this only for two years.

Juani works mainly with Miyuki beads, a Japanese type of glass seed beads that have been produced since the beginning of the XXth century.  Mid 1930's, Miyuki was founded in Hiroshima, and quickly became a renowned glass seed bead manufacturer. Since then, Miyuki has been a synonym for quality and improved artistry through innovation and state of the art technology.

Through her pieces, Juani is able to create extremely intricate pieces of jewelry that can take weeks for her to put together (without considering the design time), but that can make any woman feel special by just wearing them.

She also works with other glass beads as Swarovski or Czech glass, as well as semi-precious stones as turquoise, tiger eye, etc.


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