Liebe Lola - Raw leather products


Liebe Lola is an artisan firm that Works with raw leather, producing bags and other fashion complements for both women and men. Behind that name is Lola Salas, an entrepreneur from Cartagena (in the Murcia region), that one day decided to jump into the entrepreneur life and started working on leather in her family workshop.

Even she founded Liebe Lola only two years ago, she has a much defined style and her mastery working with leather can be appreciated in all her pieces. She believes in uniqueness, so all her products end up looking different; she even mentions that sometimes trying to do two items of a kind she finished up with two very different final products.

Her work is based in handwork, even she occasionally uses her sewing machine, and most of her work is hand sewed. She thinks that this is the result of growing up in a hardware store, where she could see all type of items of all shapes and materials. Lola brings that diversity into her work, mixing leather with all kind of materials such as methacrylate, silk, stones and so on. She also likes to recycle old materials into new pieces, to bring them into a second life.

In the last year, Liebe Lola has become very popular among the barber community in Spain, and Lola has been featured in specialized magazines and fairs.


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