Maria's - Handmade jewelry



Maria's is an artisan project born from the collaboration of Mary and her daughter in-law Noemi, who create handmade custom jewelry pieces in Murcia, Spain. Mary started creating pieces many years ago, however they have officially been in business for the last 6 to 7 years, even Mary started working on pieces like the ones you can find in Spanish Blossom many years ago.

Mary studied to become a teacher, and lived in Paris for several years, where she worked teaching Spanish. She always had an interest in fashion and jewelry, but not in the "current fashion" way, but in the type of fashion complements that have an timeless quality. She started working on some small jewelry pieces, bringing together traditional arts such as crochet or knitting with handpicked materials from all over the world.

When she came back to Spain, she started working with her daughter in law Noemi, and they began a journey that was later called Maria's.

Maria's is defined by Mary and Noemi as jewelry pieces that not only help women to fell more feminine and beautiful, but also have the capacity to evoke beauty by themselves. They create pieces that have a combination of modern and vintage materials around romantic aesthetics (something you can imagine a woman would were during the belle epoque in Paris). They are therefore timeless small pieces of art to wear on you, very delicate but also very wearable.

As Mary says, "Our pieces are created to make a woman sparkle by herself".


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