Opalo - Glass jewelry



Opalo is a family business, led by Carmen Martinez Azorin, an master craftswoman with more than 20 years of experience working with glass and similar materials. She has been recognized with several prizes over her career, not only for the beauty of her magnificent glass windows, but also for her capability of bringing together old techniques in new materials, such as small boxes, decoration pieces and the jewelry pieces we brought you to through Spanish Blossom.

Carmen's workshop is in Yecla, a village in the mountains of the Murcia region.  It is in this space that she and her husband create custom made glass window panes in multiple styles. Over the last couple of years, they have also began designing smaller pieces of jewelry, such as necklaces and earrings, which caught our eye when we came across their work in Murcia.

The new pieces represent the mix of two traditional glass artisan techniques (fused and stained glass) with a contemporary design that allows wearing the glass designs on you like a piece of art.

Carmen opened her workshop in 1994, and since then has won several awards. In 2012 she was recognized as a master craftswoman by the Government of Murcia, and in 2017 she obtained the “Artisan of the Year” award of the Murcia Region.

The pieces are designed first, which then allows the incorporation of the fused glass. These artisans bring in two different work techniques to create their unique pieces.

  • Fused glass (fusing). Several layers of glass (murano, bullseye, dycroic, etc), and even metal pieces are fused together at very high temperatures (1450 to 1550F).
  • Stained glass (Tiffany’s). The designs are transported into cardboard pieces which guide the cut of the glass pieces in the glass cutter. Then the edges are polished and covered with copper thread. The pieces are arranged according to the original design and then they are manually welded om both sides, followed by being manually polished.


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