Per amor a l'art - Ceramic jewelry


Walking the streets of Valencia, we discovered a little shop hidden in a little square, just steps away from the Gothic cathedral. It was a very quiet space, so quiet that we could not believe that we were steps away from the touristic trap that downtown Valencia can be.

In this little square, we found what it looked like a tiny art gallery, with its walls covered by small (and not so small) pieces of art made with clay, forming an evocative garden of giants, animals, cups and shapes, hanging from the walls, sitting in the shelves or laying across the floor.

Then we spotted something that caught our eyes: some delicate jewelry pieces made up with clay, with the same ethereal and classic feeling that the art pieces convened. We had found Per amor a l’art, the project born from the combination of work and talent of Monica and Maka, two artisans and master craftswomen, that can bring life to clay through her hands.

Monika and Maka studied Fine Arts in Valencia, and then decided to open a small store/workshop to be able to make and sell their pieces, and also transmit their knowledge to amateurs that could be interested in working with clay. They have a clear oriental influence in many of their pieces, but they also mix in local materials and ideas, to get a very distinctive and unique look.

We truly feel that their pieces transmit the personalities of these two artisans, gentle and creative, just check out her collection in Spanish Blossom and judge by yourself!


Check out their collection here